When Batman futures return to kill the past Batman

The joke that turns out to be true in the DC world … when Batman’s future returns to kill Batman in the past With the DC fan, Batman carries an extremely deep and invincible mind. There the Dark Knight shows all plans to safeguard the world and kill the criminal gangs … regardless of the threat that comes from his own friends. However, none of Batman’s bieets are ready to return to the past to kill themselves … Batman. Play now:

batman-1 The story begins with Batman of Tomorrow – The Dark Knight of the Future .. rushes through the glass door of the mansion where Bruce Wayne – Batman of the Present is sitting in a sopha seat. Surprisingly, Bruce Wayne was immediately cornered by Batman of Tomorrow with the only goal of killing and killing. With Batman of Tomorrow, some lives are nothing to save the world tomorrow. With her strength and fighting skills, Batman of Tomorrow tells Bruce Wayne to taste the blood on her lips before throwing her opponent at the wall. But Bruce Wayne is still Batman and even his head is fluttering. Brushing the blood flowing down his face, Bruce Wayne stood up with eyes burning fire as painful new few seconds ago nothing. Standing in front of the enemy, he wore a Batman robe. “Let me guess .. Tim … One more mission … One more time to save you … One more world that needs your help … And you think the only way to do it is to rob the child. Is there someone out there? I’m sure you realize that I can not let that happen … I WILL NOT STOP THAT. ” batman-2 Yes, we did not hear that wrong. Bruce Wayne calls Batman right in front of his eyes, Tim. Or, more precisely, Tim Drake – the third-born Robin, ever vowed never to wear a Batman cloak. To find out why Tim Drake – who is now Batman – wants to return to the past to kill Bruce Wayne, we will have to journey back to the years when he was in the Teen Titans. The story begins with the quest for the future of Teen Titans against Fatal Five-Hundred – a force of supernatural powers. But after completing the mission, they accidentally lose on the 10th anniversary of the present time. There the Teen Titans uncover a horrible mystery that will change the lives of these young superheroes forever. Here they see their future beings now dominating the world with the power of chainsaw cues. They set up a totalitarian regime, making themselves the villains of the future world. People live in fear and the atmosphere in which they breathe is only a breath of color. Watching the scene, Tim Drake and the Teen Titans knew they could not let that dark future happen. Despite the pain, they still have to decide to disband the Teen Titans, ending the fate of one of the most heroic heroic teams in the world. Little is known about the eradication of the Teen Titans that created another time line in which our superheroes would become the ones they once hated. It was at this time that Tim Drake saw his adoptive father, Bruce Wayne, die during the Crisis, leaving his Batman dresser with no successor. batman-3 Dick Grayson soon became the next Batman of Gotham but decided to retire from his life to build a home for his own. Knowing only Jason Todd full potential succession, Tim find his “brother”. But until he finally discovers that Jason is now a lifeless after the war with the League of Assassins. The final option is only Damian Wayne – son of Bruce Wayne. But knowing he can not become a true Batman like his father, Damian decides to sell the soul to the devil … in exchange for his supernatural powers to protect Gotham. To Watching this humiliating scene, Tim Drake returns to Gotham and finishes Wayne’s final bloodline … which gives Gotham an iconic Batman it deserves. Dressed in a black robe, Tim Drake has a completely different purpose than his adoptive father. He took the gun as his main weapon, the gun that killed Thomas and Martha Wayne. He is willing to take the net if necessary, anyone who dares to threaten the survival of the world will die under his throat guns. Batman is now a murder machine, carrying out the plan to purify the Earth in a cold and calculated way. That goal also seems to be the driving force that drives Tim Drake to face the young when Teen Titans travel from the past to here. Despite his strength, Tim Drake soon suffered a major defeat, partly due to Batwoman – the leader of Titan East against the ruling power. However, then the fate of Batman of Tomorrow soon fell into the night when no one knew he was alive or dead. However, conjecture is wrong.

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