Duet Game: Top 5 tips and tricks!

Duet Game is a strategy type game that requires you to navigate through all kinds of obstacles by circling and dodging in unison. Change directions and evade all the blocks and squares standing between you and the next checkpoint. Run into something and the stage starts over. Whether you’re just starting out with Duet or are trying to figure out how to get past a particularly hard stage, follow along for our top tips and tricks!



1. Stay in the middle when you can

In many levels of Duet there are objects that simply pass you by. Typically moving around puts you in harms way so it’s best to stay where you are and let danger pass you right by.

2. Memorize patterns, they don’t change

Each small segment, or stage, in Duet Game stays the same no matter how many times you play it. So unlike games such as Smash Hit where levels continue to change each time you have to start them over, you can always count on the segments of Duet Game to stay the same. This makes is simple to memorize patterns, especially since segments are typically very short.

3. Remember what tapping each side does

It’s easy to get your fingers mixed up and mean to move one way but move another. Your red and blue vessels are set to move clockwise and counter-clockwise. The easiest way to remember is that if you tap on the right side, you’d be moving forward in time on a clock. Tapping to the left and going backwards would move your vessels counter-clockwise.

4. Gauge moves carefully when passing spinning bars

Spinning blocks, the long rectangle kind that is, can be particularly hard to judge. I typically wait until I absolutely have to move so I know exactly what direction I need to go in and how far. The faster you start to move the more room for error there is. I sometimes use lighter taps to move around spinning bars since it gives me more control and allows me to change directions in a pinch.

5. Continuous spinning does the trick on repeated obstacles

If you come across a large stack of obstacles that are spaced the same distance apart and are all the same size, try just holding down on the screen in order to spin around them. Almost 99% of the time this works and is much easier than trying to pass them going slower or changing directions. That’s typically how you get hung up on them.

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