Experience Intel NUC NUC6i7KYK

More and more minicomputer version (Mini PC) is Intel hit the market. Most recently, the Mini PC Intel NUC NUC6i7KYK aka Skull Canyon, hidden inside the small box is the power of expensive full-sized PC. Intel introduced products can be configured to meet all the games of the heavy crisis. You are invited to review this product in detail below.

Experience Intel NUC NUC6i7KYK

Experience Intel NUC NUC6i7KYK

Products in this review is called full Intel NUC NUC6i7KYK, VnReview be referred to as NUC and ignore the code name.

Open the box and details

The kit includes NUC mini computer, the power adapter and power cord, a piece of metal used to mount the device on the back of television, a shell to replace the cap if you do not like the default icons on the device skull – review journal. Together consisting of fasteners and assembly tools. The top surface of the machine, you can easily replace the cap on the device if you do not like the skull icon (skull) default.

The front includes the power button, SD card slot, 2 USB slot, headphone jack and infrared port. Yellow USB port lets you charge other devices via the USB port without turning on the device, the device is simply connected to the source. The underside including source port, LAN port, two USB 3.0 slots, HDMI, Thunderbolt… Intel NUC NUC6i7KYK.

The underside of the machine can be easily removable, revealing two modules and two M.2 SSD memory modules. Each memory module with a capacity of 360GB, the total two bars in the machine’s memory to 720GB. Machine with 8GB of RAM and you can easily upgrade to add. Machine supports Intel Iris Pro Graphics Graphics 580 strong at Intel NUC NUC6i7KYK. However if you feel that is not enough you can use the USB 3.1 interface to connect a Gen 2 graphics cards to power external equipment.

NUC computers using Intel Core processors i7-6770HQ ‘Skylake’ integrated Intel Iris Pro Graphics Graphics 580 (GT4e). This is the first Mini PC Intel NUC uses Core i7 processor powerful. It also is equipped with many advanced technologies such as Thunderbolt port 3, two SSD RAID card slot, four USB 3.0 ports, two memory slots DDR4. NUC mini computer with the benchmark score, score and score graphics CPU quite high free car racing games. Ensure good service when you want to fight the serious game. Speed Reading scored two fast M.2 SSD memory modules.

NUC is guaranteed to help you play the game configuration requirements terrible. We experience game play games like Call Of Duty Black Ops III, Far Cry 4, or 8 games like Alphas and the device PES 2016 are to feel smoother, no latency or lag shock. It supports connections for the Xbox handles better gaming experience.

NUC6i7KYK powerful computer needs to work to ensure the office, movies, entertainment and especially can help you play the game requires high configuration. Trends computers now increasingly focused on the compact mini PC, but extremely powerful configuration. Unlike previous versions, NUC6i7KYK is outwardly beautiful design and a lot thinner than the product was launched earlier support online games for kids. You can also easily upgrade the hardware, if still not satisfied with our needs.

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