Game of War: Guide to Monster Attacking

Attacking and killing monsters with your hero (just your hero; no troops) in Game of War is super important. They reward you with things like resources, materials, equipment, gems and even sometimes gold.

If you love playing Nintendo’s epic monster RPGs, then you will fall in love with Monster Legends. This free-to-play social role-playing game lets you build your own monster island, breed strange and fascinating creatures, and fight enemy creatures in a battle arena.


In this game, you will be combining two monsters to create a powerful creature. There’s no story, just monster battles and breeding, which can become quite addicting. You can add friends, recruit them to get rewards, and fight enemy monsters to get more rewards. Quite a rewarding experience!

You may already be familiar with this gameplay style from Dragon City, but you will still want to know more to avoid losing a monster battle or paying cash for gems. This Monster Legends guide provides tips to help you win battles, earn rewards, and make those mean, green fighting creatures more powerful.

Five Ways to Get Your Battle Strategy Right

The Adventure map gives you a chance to battle a host of deadly creatures. You also get an opportunity to fight boss monsters and earn free gems, XP, Gold, and other rewards by defeating them. Battling monsters is simple, but defeating them is not easy. There is some strategy involved. Here are some tips to get your strategies right to defeat hard-to-beat monsters:

1. Know the elemental affiliations of your monsters and your enemy’s monsters. Before hitting the “Fight” button, you get a chance to get your formation right and know who your enemy is. Check the enemy’s elemental affiliation. Remember that each element is stronger or weaker against certain other elements. For example, monsters guarded by the Water element do additional damage to monsters belonging to the Fire element. To know more about creature elements and their strengths and weaknesses, refer to the table below:

2. Form your team correctly. Once you have identified your enemy, it’s time to get your team formation right. Choose monsters with elemental affiliations stronger than the enemy monster(s). Click on the “Change” button to switch to a stronger creature if you think the current one is weaker (level-wise or element-wise) than the enemy monster(s). Don’t click the “Fight” button until your team is formed the way you want it.

3. Know your monsters’ special skills. Knowing special skills beforehand can be extremely helpful. You can choose only those creatures whose skills can inflict maximum damage. Each monster has its own special skill. To know its special abilities before a battle, click on a habitat > monster icon. You can find out the unlocked and unlockable abilities in the skills menu.

4. Find out about multiple-enemy damage. Several of these skills inflict damage to one enemy at a time, whereas a few inflict damage to multiple enemies. For example: Pandaken’s Firewall skill inflicts damage to all enemies, but requires cooling down for one turn. You can check if a monster’s ability does one-enemy or multiple-enemy damage by placing your mouse cursor over a skill in the “Skills” section.


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