A legendary 2D puzzle game called Bridge Constructor Portal was released on Steam

At this moment I can assure Valve “do not know count to 3”, and similarly Portal is not dreaming of a third version, with the plot and the game mix to perfect. The reason is that both the Portal series, and the scriptwriters of the series have left Valve and are looking for new challenges, just as the Half-Life writers did. do before. But it’s not that the Portal has become a forgotten name, because today, a 2D puzzle game called Bridge Constructor Portal has officially launched on Steam. More details can be found here: Bridge constructor portal the best – ggg games for girls free! bridge-contructor-1 You can call this game “deceive” also, as it was developed by ClockStone and released by Headup Games, absolutely no relation to Valve after the two names have been assigned copyright, the same with the burden of one of the most popular puzzle games ever. Bridge Constructor Portal: A 2D puzzle game based on Portal, do not think bad graphics are boring nhé! First, let’s remind you, do not expect anything from the storyline of Bridge Constructor Portal, as it’s just a pure puzzle game. You, in the role of AI “crazy” GLaDOS will have the task of building scaffolding systems to test the durability, and for the experimental character, or the truck running from the starting point to the finish line. Still, the grotesque, grotesque, grotesque features of GLaDOS, but they create the perfect feel of a Portal version. bridge-contructor-2 Each level of the game will be more difficult, with the turret, the laser power enough to cut the guy / her she failed to put a life into your hands and then be disappointed, Like every game “bridge construction “You will be free to create creativity, but every artifact in each level is subject to the rules of physics in the game. Currently, this unique game is priced at about 200,000 Steam on Steam. >> Play now: https://123gamesfree.com/girl

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