Mechanic Resurrection – Nothing New but Some Spectacular Explosions

The usual plot, ingenious escapes, and explosions but nothing new in the way of plot. That doesn’t make it dull, however. This time, Bishop, the most dangerous hit man in the world, is living in the South Seas, believing he’s at last left his past behind. He’s blackmailed into leaving “retirement” to do three kills…Of course he does it, with plenty of fisticuffs, acrobatic skills, and…oh yes…explosions. The most spectacular of the three concerns a cantilevered glass-bottomed swimming pool suspended off the side of a skyscraper.

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Really there’s nothing new because we know Bishop’s going to prevail. Watching him do it is the entertainment. The best part, aside from those explosions and hair-breadth escapes, is Tommy Lee Jones’s cameo, late in the film, complete with two earrings and a millennium patch. His role is played devilishly but is too short. His on screen time was wasted since he was barely a threat. Entertaining and well-played, but so familiar Statham could’ve done it in his sleep. 9 out of 10 for the beautiful scenery and how Statham looks in a wet suit…and the swimming pool scene.

Source: tvsweeney-39052 – imdb

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