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Shawn holloway Like when I was a kid I love pinterest. What does that have to do with a memory game you ask…I’m glad you asked. You can’t read pins all day, you need to go outside or barring that play this fun memory game. Outside is overrated anyways. So test your memory, climb into the way back machine, and enjoy the logos or penguins. Seriously though, maybe a little Memory games ks2 will pass some time and be better for your brain. Cee Reese Memory jogger and time passing app Good to help keep memory and past the time. Ads keep it free so I deal with that.

Memory games ks2

Memory games ks2

Just glad if its not something I want or can use that I can exit out. As for other games for ads well I don’t have enough space but is useful for future reference when I add a new micro sd card. Rhonda Weygandt Memory game ks2 Love it very much! It is a little clunky getting from one game to the next; you have to press the back button. But it is a minor inconvenience for a wonderful game ks2. I have been using it to enhance my memory skills, which have been dulled to medical complications. Much cheaper, much more fun, and much more entertaining than therapy. Valerie Ramos Use it or Lose It Keep using that brain. Challenging memory game with lots of different similar pictures when using items like penguins or hearts. Nice to be able to customize and select subject matter, portrait or landscape mode, size & difficulty level. No problems. Galaxy Note 10.1 & S-5 (Sprint). Author Seanna Marie Four Stars Could easily be Five If only I didn’t have to restart the whole app after every game I could rate this five stars. great game! So many give you wayyy too much when u want just a simple matching game ks2. Fix the one thing and get 5 stars. Thanks so much!

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