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Game Metal War Online

Speaking of genre action shooter probably can not fail to mention fascinating game Metal War Online a game type on the subject in the context of war is the most intense battlefield. When you join the game you will be involved in a battle to regain the gold, the precious resource mines and a greater thing that is asserted myself, on the tank four armored surface guarantee you will feel important and more confident
Metal War game online
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When looking through it I feel this is a game about war tanks or popular game World of Tanks, but that’s the game I discovered that there are many new points of graphics, sound, especially back ground background section looks very lively and attractive, even the fire effects or physical interaction such as when the car hit are treated great. It’s even more amazing producer’s recently officially completely free to play, you just sign up for an account to log on to it so that you can own a tank and can participate fight with teammate okay.
Join with us in the free game “Metal War Online”! We invite you to the world wars of the company’s zero tolerance!
unmatched shooter with a great selection of the technology of the future! Millions of players. Only those who really are enemies and friends.

How to play the game Metal War Online

This is an interesting online game and flexibility, you can choose to play single player and team are, there are many different game modes such as Capture the Flag, accounting basis points, or destroy destroy items enemy targets.
Tank best shot grams
or tank shooting game
When playing for the first time after registering an account you will be to choose one of 4 different cars as Scouts, Stormtanks, Engineers, and Artillery. Of course, each car has a different strengths and weaknesses, players will depend on the specific purpose of choosing the most suitable type for your vehicle. To give the game more attractive like many other fighting game Metal War regimes also upgraded the car with gold coins, and especially not depend on the factor level, you can level your vehicle become a hideous beast and most robust conditions just as you have some economic revival bag slots, because the capital is very expensive car. If you do not want to spend money and you still want your car to be equipped with modern fittings to life or the more modern cars, then surely you have to plow hard task alone game.

Game Metal War Online Assessment

Meta War games focus more attractive elements of war game genre, countervailing, shooting, it helped me feel very familiar to control a car like that you have chosen is probably feeling that part comes from the original game’s early electronic category four buttons “Batle City” so when control a strategic increase in Metal war feeling extremely excited. Another plus point of the game is the game tactically, because every map, every battle you must have the appropriate typing the new strategic easily bring victory for themselves or teammates. Gameplay is quite flexible and is a plus too. And it was a mistake not to spend any more plus points for graphics, and sound, the sound of the game.
Meta War Online Game
Minus point of this game for me that’s probably too expensive upgrades that the player if you want to promote fast no better way to spend money to purchase the equipment for the car’s good support themselves. I hate having to play with the rich hand they are willing to spend a lot of money to purchase upgrades most sophisticated weapons to confront therefore seems unequal, less attractive and beneficial publisher only.
Minus point is that virtual gold coins can not reverse the plow real money so the game for the gamer will cost less appealing
But this is also an online shooter game is quite attractive, you can refer to the game and register for free here!
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