[NEWS UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy J3 version 2016

Our products used in the review comes from the Yellow Mobile system for 3.19 million, half a million less than its published rates. The highlight of this product is the AMOLED screen Samsung Galaxy J3 has brought to a cheap device under 4 million.

Apart from the screen, the other parameters of the machine at a basic level consists of Spreadtrum SC7731 processor quad core 1.3GHz, 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of internal memory supports external memory card slot, 2600 mAh battery, 8MP rear camera, 5MP front camera and dual SIM but does not support LTE.


Samsung Galaxy J3, 3 color options available are yellow (we used version of the review), white and black. Yellow and white version at the front with two-tone with black screen, while the black, both front and back are only a black tones.

[NEWS UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy J3 version 2016

[NEWS UPDATE] Samsung Galaxy J3 version 2016

Machine with plastic body design, removable cover with soft rounded styling and the back chamfered similar to last year’s Galaxy J5. Another point is the back side of this phone now has the surface roughness, supporting fingerprints. Moderate size and beveled dorsal surface roughness helps the bird brings a touch of comfort, fit and held hands. However, the plastic material of the matching range of product prices, not high-grade plastic.


A notable point in the Samsung Galaxy J3 are the AMOLED screen Samsung came down low-price range. Machine with 5-inch AMOLED screen HD resolution reached 294 ppi pixel density. But readers do not rejoice too soon by quality AMOLED screen of this phone has great distances with AMOLED screen on the Galaxy last year J5.

In the measurement results of VnReview screen in the default mode (mode optimized fuel market), Galaxy J3 (2016) does not show the deep black levels and high contrast characteristic of the AMOLED screen. The fact these two elements of the machine only similarity with LCD IPS screen average quality. Therefore, the display quality on the Galaxy J3 (2016) looks like a normal LCD screen, slightly pale and not much impressed.

Pluses of this product is appropriate color temperature, not too warm and leaning blue or fairly wide viewing angle. Machines also increased brightness mode when used outdoors, but the user must select this mode, but the machine does not automatically increase just like the high-end Galaxy line because no light sensor.

Software and performance

Galaxy J3 (2016) is running Android version 5.1 on Samsung’s own TouchWiz interface. According to Samsung, the products will get an update to Android 6 in the near future. Currently, Galaxy J3 (2016) in some markets like the US have been shipped with Android 6. Samsung usually not integrated warehouse theme on cheap machines Galaxy J1 (2016) recently but Galaxy J3 (2016) still access. So you can change the look if bored design and color default TouchWiz interface.

Performance, Galaxy J3 (2016) using Spreadtrum SC7731 processor quad core 1.3GHz, Mali-400 GPU and 1.5GB. This configuration is sufficient for most common tasks such as surfing the web, Facebook, watching YouTube or playing the game lightly. With the game are more severe fire effects, treadmill will be shocked, completely stopped again. Slightly less RAM and occasionally causing a risk of Lod or lag when opening multiple applications and switch back and forth.

Time battery

This phone 2600 mAh battery ownership. Power-saving AMOLED display product helps maintain the level of use in the test quite familiar VnReview. Specifically from the time when the battery is full to 10%, continuous web surfing machine is 8 hours 12 minutes; movie was 6 hours 38 minutes and gaming simulator on GFXBench (the activity is very strong battery consumption) is 3 hours 40 minutes. This is the result fairly when compared to many other smartphones in the same price range or the range of 1-2 million dong higher prices. With this result, users Galaxy J3 (2016) absolutely can rest assured about battery life comfortable enough to use during the day without recharging.


Samsung Galaxy J3 after the 8MP camera owner with flash and 5MP front camera and take a selfie to take pictures. With the following cameras, notably the capture application with professional mode adjustable ISO, exposure compensation, white balance and metering mode besides other modes such as continuous shooting composed, beautiful portraits, HDR , panorama, sports and photos with sound. Front camera with imaging features without touching the screen with the recognition that the hand and can use the screen light to take a selfie flash when shooting in low-light environments.

In the actual experiment, the camera which has a relatively fast shutter speed when sufficient light, but if low-light and turn on the air-handling HDR slow. The photographs in the bright light of color and detail is quite good but limited range of brightness, prone to tire light, loss of detail. In low light conditions, images from the camera stands at “acceptable”, prone image blur, loss of sharpness if not keep your hand steady.

Take a selfie images from a 5MP front camera for quality “fine”, confident enough to share on social networks thanks to the effectiveness of skin beauty features, ease hides imperfections on the face. From the camera before the shutter speed is quite fast, automatic shooting features by holding up his hand in front of convenience, maid “take a selfie” hands-free and easier.

In the segment of genuine factory price range of 3 to 4 million, the products are often subject to “disadvantaged” compared with laptops at the configuration parameters, design and especially the processing performance. With Galaxy J3 (2016), Samsung has made certain efforts in the design options when adding yellow version Fashion Council, eye-catching. Battery life of this product is quite good enough to meet the high demand for both days. Quality front and rear cameras are both at “stable”. However, the performance of the machine is still quite limited, only guarantee the basic needs, but part of the screen is not AMOLED but impressive quality. The software also cuts away many interesting features.

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