Protect your Google Account when playing Pokémon Go

Before playing Pokemon GO, follow the following article to prevent hacker stole data on your Google account. In fact, the information related to the game Pokémon GO is “to storm” on social networks and get a lot of attention in recent times.

Although until now, this game has yet to be released widely in the world, but there are plenty of people looking to download games from the internet websites free online games for kids. And before you can walk around town and catch your favorite animals, users need to log into this game with an account Pokemon or your own Google account.

Protect your Google Account when playing Pokémon Go

Protect your Google Account when playing Pokémon Go

However, because the system provides account server overload should Pokemon has almost the majority of users have moved to sign in with your Google account and allow this game to have access to Google services, such as Gmail, OneDrive, …

As recommended by several security vendors, hackers can take advantage of download this game from the unclear origin and access your Google account in order to proceed to steal data from users, video game reviews. Recognizing this problem, Niantic (developers Pokemon GO) promises will soon be released fixes and some reduced access your Google account to a minimum.

However, instead of having to wait for the next update from the manufacturer, you can protect yourself with a few simple steps below: First, using any browser that is available on your computer and access access to the path here. Then log in to a Google account that you use to log in Pokemon GO.

In the interface appears, press Go Release Pokemon choose from the list of applications. Now you just need to click the Remove button, then click OK. From now on, you can stop granting administrator rights for Pokemon Go.

However, in some trials, this game might shut down unexpectedly or crashes the next time you launch, or ask you to login again reviews. But in fact, this is better than your Google account unwittingly become prey to hackers.

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