Top 5 action games for girls on Android

Top 5 action games for girls on Android; At your free time, you can play the fun games on your mobile phone, so that your child has the ability to think quickly, here are five games for the baby only. take a moment Please give your baby a fun game on the phone for children during the summer holidays and international children day. Here are the games for the mother choose. 1: FarmVille: Harvest Swap-game fun farm Harvest Swap – a mobile game is very suitable for children should Report game ear for orange juice during the holidays are no less. An afterthought inspired by the world’s most famous farm mobile series and the Facebook FarmVille network, players will first be able to solve puzzles, harvest fresh produce according to the game’s personality. 2: Toysburg, 3D mobile game back to childhood Toysburg 3D version is innocent and poetic. It is one of the most anticipated android games of the year that has officially arrived. Toysburg is like a 3D version and poetic and childish of the game The Sandbox. She will make hundreds, thousands of toys to participate in the journey to save her sister and many other interesting things. action-game-for-kids3: Despicable Me: Minion Rush game fun on the phone Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a Gameloft manga inspired game from the animated feature “Despicable Me 2”. This is a game of endless runner character, such as Temple Run or Subway Surfers. Like the phone versions, in the Despicable Me: Minion Rush, players play the small Minion with a never-ending journey, crossing the multitude of obstacles, collecting bananas, racing to bring the other Minion to win. “Minion Hand of the Year” to draw the attention of Gru and defeat the opponents of the villain. 4: Shaolin Meow brings cute chibi cartoon fashion The latest product of G4U Studio, the name is somewhat familiar of the Vietnamese mobile game market with titles that own graphics, simple gameplay easy to grasp and the main characters are always the cat. When the cat makes the cake, the cowboy is also the time this is the Shaolin cat. Shaolin Meow’s character is still chibi cartoon character comes with gameplay easy to make familiar – especially the Vietnamese mobile games. In the game you only aim the goal is to dance from one stone to the next popular rock as quickly and accurately as possible. 5: Fruit Ninja – fun game on the phone for baby The game of cut fruit on the touch phone and play to help young players make familiar with the main touch screen has the claws to cut the fruit has been. This is also the reason that the game is to make both children and adults enjoy. Purely cut, cut and slice in this fun game. Hoping for fun baby games on touch phones, baby will be with the most fun moments. >>>>>> Do not play addiction: free action games online play now

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