Top-fiction technology will come true in the future

Maybe our children will be the first generation to benefit from the most advanced technology of the era are still on paper. Humans are developing renewable technologies that enable any desired object, such as a 3D printing device technology will come true.

1. Printer clothing

Demand is growing by more than 7 billion people on Earth crowded about clothes, fashion will lead to a crisis on the space reserved for the sewing factory, design room, workshop, laundry or drying of clothes ground shirt … in the not too distant future.

Top-fiction technology will come true in the future

Top-fiction technology will come true in the future

The technology promises to solve this problem in 2050 which is a clothing printer suitable for all consumers. This project will change the way we live our lives by choosing a favorite designs on the internet or even your own drawings are applied to the head and below for a fashion clothing in accordance with preferences personally. Also, for those old toys, you can leave them on the machine so that it separates the fabric and completely cleaned for use as raw materials for other clothes technology will come true.

2. Smart House

Openarch form a kind of a smart home in the future that the company is looking forward to Think Big Factory. The house is connected to the digital technology, including the most modern Internet technology will come true.

An operating system allows you to control all activities of the houses are displayed on the walls, floor and ceiling. You can access social networking, news, online games or even paint the walls if that makes you uncomfortable. With the help of the operating system flexibility, you just lie a place to observe all static takes a weight house, use your voice, your gestures to control the other smart objects connected of the home network Openarch.

3. Phone 3D

3D technology on future phones different from the films that we see in theaters. Full 3D images floating off the device surface without any visual aids yet.

Top-fiction technology will come true in the future

Top-fiction technology will come true in the future

You can view all images in realistic perspective. And only a small key 3D images will be converted into ordinary 2D images more convenient use of the meeting. public places, workplaces… technology will come true.

4. The soldiers-cum-human robot

This technology is also controversial when it was trying to create the Terminator (The Terminator) cater to the needs of war. The most powerful nation will be the secret cloning program of super soldiers, people really are clones, raised and transplanted grafted the mechanical arm, mechanical legs, as many of the parts mechanically possible.

They will be the human army has superhuman strength of Iron Man, Captain America is still in the control of the government. They will fight without emotion, without any questions, without pain or fear. 90% of people fully equipped machines can become a “killer” true.

5. Vaccine nanoelectronics panaceas

A nanoelectronics vaccines only vaccinated specialized for hundreds of infectious diseases in the human circulatory system. These nanocrystals will hide in the sleep state for years and only awakened when agents discovered the strange appearance of the host. We will search and automatically destroy the disease agent since the intrusion.

However, the government can take advantage of this type of vaccine control people by broadcasting their country from the host controller launch soon nanocrystals in the host. They can incite the human brain do bad things, increased social violence and is to enter a command, the nanocrystals will kill its host technology will come true.

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